Need compatible coffee capsules for hotel rooms? We are happy to help.

At Jones Brothers Coffee, we know that the quality of products and service you give your guests are critical to the success of your hotel. To give your guests the luxury they’ll enjoy, you probably added a Nespresso coffee machine to their rooms so they can enjoy a great coffee whenever they feel like it. It’s a great way to show them you care and make their experience memorable.

However, we also know that delivering great service to your guests often comes at a significant price

At Jones Brothers Coffee, we want to offer you a high quality alternative to the big brands – a beautiful range of coffee capsules, compatible with Nespresso® machines for your hotel rooms. A combination of quality and convenience, at a smart price.

We are an independent coffee brand based in Amsterdam, with a team in Paris and Biarritz. We have been delivering high quality coffees to consumers and business since 2013.

Coffee for your hotel room

Please meet our range of compatible capsules for hotel rooms

We have developed a range of Nespresso compatible coffee capsules in formats that suit the needs of the hotel sector:
High grade coffees freshly roasted in Netherlands, from the best 100% Arabica beans to deliver a consistent and smooth drinking, balanced great tasting range of coffees drinks including Ristretto (Gigolo), Espressos (Noir and Enigma) and Lungos.(Revive).
Our compatible range of coffee capsules for hotel rooms include a Decaf (Zen) which is particularly appreciated by American and Asian tourists.

Our capsules are bursting with flavour and conveniently packaged into boxes of 50, 60 or 100 capsules. Have a look at the range we offer.

We also have a set of designed accessories to display the coffee capsules in the rooms in a style that suits your hotel design. We’d be happy to show them to you and tailor-make them for your hotel. We are happy to provide our regular clients with a menu to make your guests coffee experience complete.

A one-stop-shop to simplify the order process of our coffee capsules

B2B professional coffee portal

We want to simplify your life.

Learning from our clients, we have designed our own online, easy-to-use order portal so you can order our products whenever you need them. Our logistic is based in the center of the country for fast processing and delivery.

coffee delivery truck

We invoice you on a monthly basis.. You can order your capsules 24/7

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