The Coffee Corner is where the Community is built in the workplace, right?

A place to meet, chat, share and exchange ideas. Coffee is the fuel for creativity way to make friends at the office, or even start a conversation with your future life-partner! ☺ So, let’s make it a Happy Place…

This HAPPINESS FACTOR can also apply to your visitors and clients. It stimulates talking moments. It’s the best ice-breaker – great way to start a conversation. Great tasting coffee also reinforces the image you are giving of your company (or your services and products) to the outside world. And that’s damned important! How’s the coffee at YOUR office?

Research has shown that Businesses who take their coffee seriously,
perform seriously better.

That can’t be a coincidence, right?
So, how’s the coffee in YOUR office:
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Coffee is Food for the Brain. Energy for your Work.

We have the perfect solution for your business needs…

Discover our solutions – they include brilliant coffees (of course!), but also some beautiful fully automatic coffee machines from Jura (we are official professional dealear of Jura Nederland), all the little and important additionals you may need (like sugars, cookies, cups..) and even our full range of Organic teas to make the other 30% of employees happy too… we have basically thought of everything!

Happy Solution 1

Coffee…But not just any coffee!

You already have a good coffee machine. But, you’re not so happy with the coffee or your coffee provider.
Let us help….we roast and deliver the best available 100% arabica coffee beans in beautiful blends and awesome Single Origins at a great price to meet your budget and your the taste buds of your office…

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Happy Solution 2

Machine & Beans coffee: The best combination and what we do brilliantly…

We supply, install, service and maintain the best super-automatic fresh bean-to-cup coffee Jura machines on the market, so you can relax with a coffee partner who works hard for you. We like to spread the coffee happiness around!…

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Full Happiness Solution

The Jones Brothers Coffee Professional “One.Stop.Shop” – our unrivalled full service option. Close your eyes and dream…

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