We are striving towards limiting our impact on the planet.

We strongly believe that through the combination of collective consciousness and action, we will find a way to preserve our beautiful planet. Every little step counts, and the following list are our commitments and goals as a coffee company…

sustainable coffee

We want to guarantee the best quality coffee and taste in the cup through chemical and pesticide-free production, together with paying a fair price to improve the conditions and treatment of coffee farmers and migrant workers, their families and their communities.

rainforest certification coffee

Wherever possible, the green bean coffees we source and roast are through Direct Trade with smallholder coffee farmers around the world and are Rainforest Alliance (RFA) Certified.


Our take away coffee cups are non-plastic – they have always been made of plant based compostable materials.
All our collateral products (such as sugars, stirrers, cookies) are Organic made or packed from recycled or plastic free packaging.


We always choose Arabica coffee beans over Robusta coffee and we are working towards buying more Speciality Grade coffees as we believe they are more beneficial for the farmers and naturally more respectful of the environment and people.

organic coffee

All the teas we provide within our Happiness Solutions for the office are Organic Certified.

freshly roasted in The Netherlands

All our office coffees are roasted in The Netherlands to avoid wasteful transportation.

office coffee service

We deliver to our Amsterdam clients* by bicycle – Our coffee service is just healthier for all!

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